How to reduce JPG size online?

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How to reduce JPG size online?
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Our guide for photo resizing

How to reduce JPG size online?

If you need to reduce your JPG image and optimize it for multiple uses and platforms we recommend you to use a free online tool. However, you could use other tools like Adobe Photoshop. Follow the next instruction to learn how to reduce your JPG image.

Resize your image using Photoshop

Using Adobe Photoshop is the most professional way to manually crop, resize, and save images for the web.

The process of using Photoshop has some downsides as you can see here:

  1. You will need a paid subscription to Adobe.
  2. Install it on your PC or Mac.
  3. Open each file individually.
  4. Crop to a custom size, for example 1080x1080 px.
  5. Save each file optimized for the web.

Resize your image using a free online tool

With a free image resize online tool, you could easily select the presets size and crop a single image or multiple images at a glance.

The process of using an online app like Free Image Resizer is simple and faster:

  1. Drag and drop your image or images.
  2. Select scaling size or a percentage, for example 1080x1080 px or 50%.
  3. Download the file.

No subscription is needed.

Resize your image using a free online tool.

Resize photos and images online to any dimension or size

You can pick other standard presets to free resize your images, including 1.91:1 Landscape, 4:5 Portrait, 4:3 Presentation, 9:16 iPhone, 3:2 Landscape, and 1:1 Square. Open Free Image Resizer from any Internet-connected browser, drag and drop your images, and pick a method and size to resize.